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Stacked Plaque – Big – Believe that God will…

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Stacked Plaque – Big – Believe that God will…


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Experience the power of faith with our Stacked Plaque – Big – Believe that God will…, a cherished Christian Gift that emanates scripture and inspiration. Crafted from quality wood, this plaque embodies the assurance of divine guidance.

Measuring 41cm in height, 20cm in width, and 0.5cm in depth, this meticulously sized piece boasts a captivating multicolour design. Wood panels are thoughtfully stacked to create visual depth, while carefully selected scriptures are presented in decorative lettering, adding an air of reverence to this heartfelt piece.

At the top, the phrase “Believe that God will…” sets the stage for the scriptures that follow. With a curated collection of verses, this plaque serves as a daily reminder of the unwavering nature of God’s promise. The stacked wood panels symbolise the layers of trust and faith that form the bedrock of a meaningful spiritual journey.

Crafted to leave a lasting impact, this stacked plaque is designed to infuse your space with reassurance and inspiration. Whether displayed as a treasured keepsake or shared as a thoughtful gift, its versatility and heartfelt sentiment make it fitting for various occasions, from moments of doubt to times of reflection.

Elevate your living space with the Stacked Plaque – Big – Believe that God will…, a tangible representation of faith and the unshakable assurance in God’s providence. This distinctive piece will continue to inspire and uplift, a constant reminder of the steadfastness of belief.

Size: 41cm x 20cm x 0.5cm

Material: Wood

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Weight 0.32 kg
Dimensions 0.5 × 20 × 41 cm