Christian Gifts

Are you struggling with ideas for the religious people in your life this year? Maybe you don’t know them very well, or maybe they are not normally big gift-receivers. Whatever the reason, it can be tricky to find something that works for them. But don’t stress! We’ve got you covered with some great suggestions and ideas that will leave them feeling thankful. Keep reading for our top 5 Christian gifts.

Olivewood Holding Cross

These holding crosses are handmade in The Holy Land from genuine Olivewood. They are hand crafted and bare a beautifully smooth finish. Olivewood is a very sturdy wood that is durable enough to hold up to regular, daily use. There are 4 different sizes, and fit in most people’s hands. This cross is an especially great gift for someone who is new to Christianity or is exploring different faiths. It’s simple design and neutral wood colour make it very easy to incorporate into someone’s home or life. It makes a great Christian gifts for a variety of ages as well. This piece would be great for any Christian person in your life, especially if they enjoy meditation or reflecting on their faith.

Bible Covers

Bibles are a great gift for pretty much any Christian, regardless of denomination. There are so many different types of covers you can get for a Bible, so you have lots of room for creativity. If the person you are gifting with has a particular translation or Bible version that is special to them, you can find covers for those specific Bibles. There are lots of different materials you can choose from for the cover as well. Synthetic leather, and materials like canvas or hessian are all great options. You can also get covers that are decorated with beads or other design elements. There are lots of different designs available, some of which are very fancy and unique.

Christian Mugs

Christian-themed mugs are another great Christian gift. Again, there are lots of different kinds you can choose from. Some feature simple phrases, and others have more decorative designs. There are also lots of different materials you can choose from. Ceramic would be a standard and traditional option, but you could also find glass or metal ones. Again, you could choose a specific design or phrase if you know the person would appreciate that..

Christian Devotionals

A Christian devotion is a great option for someone who is religious but not necessarily a regular Bible reader. There are lots of different varieties available. Some are specific to certain denominations or groups that you may want to research before purchasing to make sure the content is appropriate. There is also a wide range of styles and price ranges. Devotionals come in various forms, including books & journals. Some are very simple and straightforward, while others are in-depth and include prompts and activities. There are lots of options available, so you can find something that fits the person’s personality and interests. Another great Christian gift idea.

Christian Pen & Bookmark

This is a really popular Christian gift that almost everybody would think to get for themselves. A great gift for a Christian who loves to read. You could also get a bookmark for someone who reads a lot of books. This Christian gift would be particularly good for a person who likes to journal or write in their journals as well. There are lots of different types of bookmarks and pen sets that are Christian themed. You could even go as far as to find a specific Bible verse that you know is special to the person you are purchasing for. This would be a very thoughtful gift that isn’t very expensive.


We suggest that you get them something that reflects their personality and interests. If you’re not sure what to get them, ask them what they like or what is important to them, or see if they have any gift wish lists. You can also look for gift ideas on their social media pages and see if there are any things they’ve posted about that you can get them. Christians are usually pretty easy to shop for, and there are lots of different Christian gifts options out there. Christians like to give and receive Christian gifts as they like to make others feel special. So don’t be afraid to get creative and show them how much you care.