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Christian Gifts

The Christian Shop is specialised in providing special gifts for all ages. We provide an array of beautiful gifts made only from the finest fabrics. We strive daily to update our gift collection, so that you can find the appropriate and most original presents for your loved ones. We work together with only the best Christian gifts providers and we make sure that our store sells only quality items.

Our daily search for meaningful and useful gifts has led us to be among the favourite stores of this kind in the UK. We also deliver abroad, but you should contact us first. We are dedicated to offer the best services for all the customers interested in buying this type of gifts.

We believe that a gift should be more than an object. It should have the power to remind us of values and feelings and to become a beautiful memory. All our gifts have the potential to become someone's favourite present.Because we want everybody to afford our gift collection, we've launched the clearance section. Here, all our customers can find beautiful gifts appropriate for every occasion.

At the Christian Shop you will find everything from simple things like pens, mugs and bookmarks to special gifts like Crystocraft decorations and olivewood holding crosses. The Crystocraft gifts are made with crystals and will add a touch of sophistication to every home. Our team is very fond of the olivewood holding crosses that are brought in from Bethlehem. You should know that these crosses are handmade, a feature that makes them even more valuable.
Only: £2.99
Only: £4.00
Walking By Faith Pen & Bookmark Gift Set (Dad's Version)
Only: £2.99
Shining Like Stars Click Pen & Bookmark Set
Only: £0.98
Three Dot Cards - Ordination Greetings Card
Only: £2.99
Shaping Hearts Changing Lives Devotion Book & Pen Gift Set
Only: £3.59
Fear Not God's Love Shines Bright Glow-in-the-Dark Bracelet
Only: £1.39
Rotating Squares A Friend Loves at All Times Pen
Only: £1.00
Pray Hard Inspirational Youth Bracelet
Only: £1.99
Faith Under Pressure Inspirational Youth Bracelet
Only: £1.99
12" Olivewood Standing Cross
Only: £15.59
Only: £9.54
Juliana Christening Pearlised Hanging Plaque 14.5cm
Only: £10.00
"Footprints for Children" Plaque
Only: £14.99
Welcome to the Christian Shop. This is the realm where faith and love are captured inside symbolic gestures we like to call Christian gifts. Our precious gifts are gathered from all over the world with one purpose only: to spread the joy among our peers and to remember all that, as long as we believe and we say this to each other, the world is already a better place.

We believe that symbolic gifts can be as valuable as the most expensive gifts in the world. People who choose to buy our gifts are the ones who see the true meaning of our existence and embrace the joy brought by faith. We are here to love and praise God, our Creator. These are the simplest feelings in the world and still, sometimes, we don't know exactly how to share them with the ones we love.

There are times when is just easier to express our feelings with the help of meaningful gifts, even though they might not cost very much. These gifts would be a good start for saying we care about the ones we love, and appreciate what they really mean to us. These simple gestures like offering symbolic gifts, best wishes and hugs can be the ones that add profoundness to a relationship.

All the items you can find in our shop are made only from the finest fabrics and will definitely pass the test of time. We are constantly adding new gifts to our collections because we want to make your we enlighten someone's day. The Christian Shop is available daily to take your orders and send you precious gifts in exchange, presents meant to bring joy and faith in the lives of the ones you care for most.

Be curious and visit our shop! You will find an impressive collection of carefully picked Christian gifts. You can find presents for special occasions, for Christmas and other holidays, for children and babies, parents and friends. Actually, come to think of it, you can find gifts for everybody, regardless of their age, occupation or hobbies. Our shop is prepared to celebrate life and all the beautiful events that come with this divine gift.

We are even prepared for ordinary days, when no occasion is written in any calendar. The Christian Shop has a gift for every day of the week. Because our belief is that every day is a celebration of life, of joy, of nature. That is why here you can find not only the ideal place to buy meaningful gifts, but also an escape from daily routine. Here you can find the message of God and the power of faith.
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Christian Shop

The Christian Shop is a store dedicated to those in search of beautiful and meaningful gifts for the ones they love. This is the place where you can find presents for anyone. Our gifts are made from quality fabrics and are appropriate for every occasion. No matter the age or occupation of the ones to receive these gifts, you can stay assured that it will be a beautiful and appreciated surprise.

Our shop offers an array of splendid gifts that can be offered on Christian special occasions, Sunday schools, birthdays, anniversaries and many other events you think are worthy to be celebrated.

You can also find a section dedicated to General Christian gifts, where a great selection of gifts is waiting to be offered to the ones you care for. This section is dedicated to everyone who wants to offer unique and precious gifts to show their love, appreciation and respect to someone dear. Sometimes, the most meaningful gifts are the ones given and received on an ordinary day. These are the gifts that have the power to make any day special, because they will be accompanied by your love and gratitude.

Our gifts are brought in from all over the world. At the Christian Shop you will be able to find everything from bookmarks and pens to books and Crystocraft gifts. All presents are accompanied by messages of love, selflessness and hope, reminding everyone about the words of God.

Once you will have placed your order, our team will deliver the chosen gifts to you, fast and in beautiful wrappings. You can visit us and order Christian gifts anytime you wish. Our shop is open every day of the year, 24 hours a day.
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